our story

The first step to changing a world of chaos is not changing those around you, but by changing - the inner YOU!  IAMLUVbyV was founded by a Wife,  Soccer Mommy of two working in Corporate America for over twenty years as an Engineer.  All while living in a world of chaos observing so many women, men and children focusing on the negativity of perceived imperfections.  In this world of drama, we are constantly our own biggest critics. Comparing ourselves to this one and that one, filling ourselves with CRAZY self-doubt. Just think, how would our world be if we were to merely focus on the light that shines within each of us? Better yet, how would the world be if we just took a moment to acknowledge the positives that we were each blessed to possess?

Just like that, IAMLUVbyV was born. We took our LUV for a great quality tee, along with positive self-love messages to emphasize the many blessings that we all uniquely represent.  A way to express and get rid of all the negativity around us.

"You've got to learn to leave the table when love's no longer being served"

~Nina Simone~